Kelly Parnell + Amy Campbell

Kelly Parnell: Like so many other women, for many years of my life, I was fixated on achieving the “perfect” body idolized and glamorized by society. And so I waged war against my body, succumbing to yo-yo diets and inconsistent, cardio-focused exercise routines. When I finally decided to reach a truce with myself and make […]
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Every client has a story of what brought them to Hilliard Studio Method, the changes they have seen and why they continue to make The Method a priority in their life. Read more from the HSM family below!

Juliana Zimmerman

When I first moved to Charlotte, I was worried about finding “THE ideal studio.” One that could fill the void of my favorite workouts and classes I taught for several years back in Ohio. Being 12 weeks pregnant when I moved, I wanted to find something that challenged me but was still safe. I had heard […]

Karen Greene

I Am Strong + Svelte After I had my second child I was definitely motivated to get my body back.  I had an image and ideal weight in mind.  Little did I know that I set the bar too low.  With the help of Hilliard Studio Method, I not only reached my goal but surpassed […]

Tia Klein

Hilliard Studio Method… where should I begin?? When asked by others who haven’t tried it, my response is, ‘there is simply nothing like it!’ I would know as I’ve tried just about every boutique-stylee fitness studio in the area and absolutely nothing has come close to my experience at Hilliard. I gained 100 lbs during […]

Beth Franck

When asked about my journey at Hilliard Studio Method Davidson, I flash back to the first few weeks of class. My journey began in late October 2016, soon after my two daughters left for college.  I was now an empty nester, looking for a new challenge and distraction!  I assumed that my active lifestyle would enable […]

Lindsay Rothrock

My name is Lindsay Rothrock and I am the Marketing and Media Manager at Hilliard Studio Method, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an adoptee and one of the lucky ones. When I was 34 days old, my parents came to Children’s Home Society in Greensboro, North Carolina to pick me up from a bassinet […]

Amy Walker

2016 was a rough year for our family. It started out so great with the birth of our second baby, but quickly turned directions when we found out in April my dad had a Grade IV Brain Tumor and would be going into hospice care. Candidly, I ignored my health in lieu of spending time with […]

Liz and Laura Corsig

As a pre-professional ballet dancer with Charlotte Ballet, I walked into my first class at Hilliard Studio Method thinking it would be a breeze. Any workout involving a ballet barre would be easy for me, right? Within five minutes, my expectations were proved wrong. My arms were shaking and I quickly dropped from five pounds […]

Danielle Jefferson

When I started Hilliard Studio Method, I knew immediately it was what I’d been looking for – low impact but still with the intensity and energy I love. I decided to drop my other strength workouts and make HSM part of my daily routine, which my knees thanked me for. In time, things like holding […]

Sara Smith

Coming from a family of Chiropractors, health has played an important role in my life, but less than a year ago I began to struggle. I became frustrated that I hadn’t found a method of exercise I was truly passionate about. I started to lose motivation to go to the gym and blamed it on […]
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