Liz Hilliard

Creator + Owner

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“Change doesn’t come in your comfort zone, it comes from your edge,” says Liz Hilliard, owner and creator of Hilliard Studio Method. Unique, powerful and unparalleled, Hilliard Studio Method is a core-centric, Pilates-based workout that uses the latest techniques to get your heart-rate pumping and the sweat dripping. This high energy, low-impact workout incorporates weights and resistance training for a total body workout at any age or stage of life. Liz Hilliard says HSM is the best hour of exercise you can give yourself in order to transform your body and your mind. Clients have best described this workout as “Pilates on steroids”.

A graduate of the highly acclaimed STOTT Pilates International Training Center in Toronto, Canada, Hilliard opened her first studio, Performance Pilates, in 2002 with one goal – to pioneer an intense, cutting edge and innovative approach to personal training. In 2007 she took that vision to the next level, developing an even more radical approach to personal training and group fitness to create the most effective, efficient, results-driven workout on the market – Hilliard Studio Method®.

Liz has grown the HSM brand to a diverse and accessible three-part platform that allows clients to access the magic of Hilliard Studio Method anytime and anywhere. The flagship studio hosts HSM In Person classes 7 days a week in Charlotte, NC. The HSM On Demand video subscription service houses over 10,000 minutes of video that can be streamed via app and any device for affordable and easy access while the growing pandemic pivot HSM Stream Studio gives clients an in-studio feel from anywhere in the world. The retail shop boasts branded and other top-of-the-line apparel lines, partnerships with local and internationally-known lifestyle and wellness products, as well as the HSM Signature Smoothie.

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Hilliard Studio Method group classes are designed to be taken on a regular, best case daily, basis. Each class is different from the day before, utilizing a variety of powerful movements and workout tools. Classes available at our Myers Park location in Charlotte, NC.

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Workout anywhere with Hilliard Studio Method! Our collection of streaming videos and DVDs range in difficulty from beginner to advanced with options from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Be Powerful with HSM and transform your body no matter where you are.