Hilliard Studio Method


I Am Strong + Svelte

After I had my second child I was definitely motivated to get my body back.  I had an image and ideal weight in mind.  Little did I know that I set the bar too low.  With the help of Hilliard Studio Method, I not only reached my goal but surpassed it in a way I never imagined.

You know you’re on to something when you see someone and instead of getting a, “Hello, how are you?” you are greeted with, “Oh my gosh.  You look so good.  What have you been doing?”

I incorporated HSM into my workout routine when they opened up their studio in Davidson.  By attending class just twice a week and adding two-mile jogs a couple of days in-between, I’ve transformed my body into a strong and svelte figure.

The highlights for me have been my sculpted arms, toned legs and shrinking waistline.  I honestly had no idea my body was capable of getting back to this shape especially after my second baby.

The workouts are challenging but make sense and are easy to follow. They are ever changing and the vibe itself is welcoming, feminine, and strong. The instructors are excellent, inclusive, and they certainly look the part as well – which is inspiring.

I’m never disappointed and am always challenged in a safe way.  The workouts always make me feel so good.

This is the first testimonial I’ve ever written and my hope is that it inspires you to just show up for one class or do one of their streaming videos.  You’ll be able to see for yourself that The Method is genius and effective!

A big thank you to the instructors at Davidson and to Liz and Clary for all that you’ve done in creating these workouts and leading a great team!

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