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Stephanie Beltran

After being in terrible pain for almost 3 years with sciatica down my left leg and up my back, I was finally diagnosed with a labral tear (a tear in the cartilage of my left hip joint) and had major surgery to repair it. Recovery was a little rough in terms of the pain and […]

Sarah Lovatt Johnson

I am so thankful a friend introduced me to Hilliard Studio Method back in March. I’d attempted numerous exercise studios and I still found myself uninterested and unmotivated. I had run out of exercise studios to try, and I just hadn’t found ‘my thing’… until my first essentials class at HSM. After my first class, I felt […]

Sara Stevenson

Just over a year ago I was prepping for my wedding day, attending my weekly HSM classes to stay in shape. Today, I’m 9 months pregnant and still attending my weekly classes (shout-out to the 5:30am crew with Meg)! Since becoming pregnant, my fitness goals shifted and having a healthy pregnancy became my #1 priority. […]

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