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Kendra Neigoot

In January I signed up for the Winter Wellness Challenge and thought – ok, 40 classes in 10 weeks and no sugar will be a big stretch, but I can do it! I have been attending classes at Hilliard Studio Method periodically for awhile but I have never taken 4 classes per week consistently. I […]

Chelsea Charles

Fitness has always been an integral part of my life. I love pushing the limit and when I skip a workout my day isn’t complete. With four boys, a full-time business and a husband that travels often, daily exercise is my joy and sanity saver. This is why I’m so grateful to have found Hilliard […]

Sara Stevenson

Just over a year ago I was prepping for my wedding day, attending my weekly HSM classes to stay in shape. Today, I’m 9 months pregnant and still attending my weekly classes (shout-out to the 5:30am crew with Meg)! Since becoming pregnant, my fitness goals shifted and having a healthy pregnancy became my #1 priority. […]

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