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I am so thankful a friend introduced me to Hilliard Studio Method back in March. I’d attempted numerous exercise studios and I still found myself uninterested and unmotivated. I had run out of exercise studios to try, and I just hadn’t found ‘my thing’… until my first essentials class at HSM.

After my first class, I felt energetic and excited that I had finally found a form of exercise that was both challenging physically and mentally, and super fun. I knew that I would get into a rhythm and get in shape for my upcoming wedding.

HSM is so different to anything I have ever been a part of. The community is uplifting and the coaches are incredibly skilled and motivating. After a few weeks attending class I realized that the wedding was not the finish line.

After the wedding, I was right back at it because there’s nothing else that makes me feel quite as powerful as HSM. Although I have a busy schedule (I’m in graduate school, I’m a fulltime pre-K teacher, and I now have a husband, house and dog 😊). I make the time in my day to attend a class, and I feel so much better for it… and as Amy Welton says, “It’s just SO FUN!”

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