Hilliard Studio Method


2016 was a rough year for our family. It started out so great with the birth of our second baby, but quickly turned directions when we found out in April my dad had a Grade IV Brain Tumor and would be going into hospice care. Candidly, I ignored my health in lieu of spending time with my dad and juggling two kids under two. By that August, he was gone. The grief was almost debilitating and I walked into Hilliard Studio Method two days after the funeral completely broken.

I began that first workout on my knees in every move, took advantage of each modification and it seemed that I was weaker than ever. But slowly, something pretty remarkable began to happen. As soon as I walked out of the studio that day, I already felt stronger just by being around all of that positive energy. The trainers pushed me, but worked with me; they repeated inspiring words, encouraging each of us to find our own inner strength. The workout challenges me mentally and physically in ways that are incredibly hard but fun, almost tricking me into workout out. That is, until I feel it in my muscles later!

I found myself looking forward to going back, needing it more than I realized each time. And then I uncovered the secret: the beauty of HSM is that it works you from the inside out. I leave each class stronger in mind than the last and ultimately, that’s what helps me push through that two-minute plank hold, or that last push up I didn’t think I had in me. I went to Hilliard Studio Method for a great workout, but it became that one hour of the day when I can push away all the chatter and tap into the strongest version of myself. And great people. If it weren’t for Liz, Lee & Clary and for the entire HSM team and their dedication, knowledge and personalities, it would just be a great workout. It wouldn’t be the community that it is or have the following it does.

It sounds crazy to say, but when I think about HSM, I’m reminded of the old school stewardess who would stand at the front of the plane and tell you if you’re traveling with little ones and something happens, you need to put your oxygen mask on first. That hour was and is my oxygen mask. I put myself first during that time and I leave a better wife, mom and person from doing so. And, the results are pretty amazing, too! It’s shocking how quickly all that hard work translates to a trimmer waistline, better muscle tone and all-over definition. I have NEVER had toned arms. I always thought that was just part of my inheritance and my arms were here to stay. Until one day, a month or so after taking classes, I asked my husband if he could see that bruise on my arm, to which he replied, “That’s your tricep.” Who knew! I am so thankful to HSM for the hour of positive energy that is each class and to all the women who make it that way. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017!

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