Be Powerful.

About Us

The Method

Unique, proven, and unparalleled, Hilliard Studio Method takes working out to the next level by utilizing a combination of different modes of resistance to produce results that are nothing short of a total mind-body transformation. Creator and owner Liz Hilliard has a knack for implementing cutting-edge and evolutionary movements into her high-energy workouts. Equally safe and effective, Hilliard Studio Method promotes the strength of the spine and the power of the core while sculpting the body and strengthening the mind.

Our Story

The Method started in 2007 with a request from Liz’s daughter Clary who was hoping to get in the best shape of her life for her wedding. Liz took the challenge to heart and her passion and science-based research led to amazing results for the mother-daughter duo. Liz and Clary started teaching the Method to group classes, Liz in Charlotte and Clary in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They realized that the physical results were unequivocal with their method. This dynamic mother-daughter duo is the driving force behind the brand which has grown to include a flagship studio, a boutique, and online workouts.

Meet Liz & Clary

Co-owner and creator, Liz Hilliard, started her career as a top personal trainer in Charlotte, NC with a traditional Pilates method. Looking for a more efficient and effective workout, Liz incorporated resistance training into her core-centric workouts and quickly found that her unique, total body method produced amazing results.

Clary Hilliard Gray, daughter of Liz and co-owner, has utilized the transformative power of their workout to drive her through some of life’s biggest milestones including her wedding and the birth of her two children. Gray is now the Director of Marketing and continues to train clients through group classes and videos.

Our Giving

Annually, Hilliard Studio Method donates over $30,000 worth of services to the Charlotte community raising funds for local schools and cultural organizations as well as causes that are close to our trainers and clients hearts.

Liz and Clary also host empowerment classes for victims of domestic violence, fundraisers for clients undergoing medical treatment and classes encouraging women to love their bodies and feel powerful.