Hilliard Studio Method


When it comes to exercise, I do not consider myself a “joiner.” Though I have always been active, I was never as strong or athletic as many of my friends, so I stuck to workouts that I could do on my own for fear that I couldn’t keep up with the others. I stayed in fairly good shape through running and independent gym workouts through most of my younger years. However, after two kids in less than two years, I realized that just wasn’t going to cut it as a working wife and mother. I started doing HSM right after the birth of my second child and have regularly attended classes there for over 4 years. The challenging and supportive atmosphere continues to push me to my limit each and every time.

But old habits die hard. When I first saw the teasers about HSM | Core, I immediately dismissed it. I described the Megaformer as resembling something of a medieval torture device and swore I would have nothing to do with it. But, on the advice of encouraging friends, I found myself trying out a class. I arrived early and knew I was going to be working hard – I couldn’t imagine myself doing some of the challenging moves I saw! But, just as at HSM, the coaches are energetic and encouraging – and now several years and over 100 classes later, though I still TOTALLY earn my end-of-class high five, I can hold moves longer and push myself further than I ever could have imagined on that first day. Together, both places now make up a complementary exercise routine that I depend on to keep me fit and energized both in the studio and in life!

Working out will never come as easily to me as it does to other people. But, I have learned that what I lack in natural talent I can make up for in determination and effort – and with the helpful and knowledgeable coaches at both HSM studios!

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