Hilliard Studio Method


Kelly Parnell:

Like so many other women, for many years of my life, I was fixated on achieving the “perfect” body idolized and glamorized by society. And so I waged war against my body, succumbing to yo-yo diets and inconsistent, cardio-focused exercise routines. When I finally decided to reach a truce with myself and make an attempt to appreciate (dare I say, love) my body, I realized the importance of nourishing it—both nutritionally and physically. While I quickly developed a healthier relationship with food, I struggled to find an exercise routine that kept my attention, that is until a friend introduced me to HSM. After my first class, I was hooked; I finally had found a workout that satisfied my cravings for a challenge.

Nearly four years since my first class, my HSM journey has not been a straight line; two significant lower back injuries had me feeling as though I was playing a game of Chutes and Ladders (with more chutes than ladders!). However, after each injury, HSM proved to be my physical therapy, outlet, and support system all in one, with every instructor offering helpful modifications and motivating me to “work to my edge,” which continues to be a moving target as I build more and more strength.

Each time I walk into the studio, I feel so incredibly inspired and encouraged by the community of women around me; it’s truly my happy place (even when Liz, Clary, Lee, and the other amazing trainers push me to hold that plank 10 seconds longer or lunge another inch lower.) And when I cannot make it to the studio, whether because of my chaotic work schedule or my globetrotting wanderlust, HSM streaming allows me to fit in an incredible workout that is compatible with my schedule and location. (Exercise bands and gliders are the first items in my luggage!)

Today (knock on wood), I’ve never felt stronger and more powerful—I credit this feeling to HSM. The beauty of HSM is the total body transformation, both inside and out. While HSM has certainly transformed my physique (I’ve never been more toned!), my mental transformation—my feelings of self-love and empowerment—has been astounding and something I wish for every woman to experience first-hand. I cannot rave enough about HSM and recommend it to everyone I know!

Amy Campbell:

A moment of clarity. When I think of life before HSM and life now, that is the difference. My close friend Kelly Parnell told me about HSM three years ago when we first met in 2016 while working together. At the time, I was facing left hip replacement surgery. At 45. I was scared but knew I was out of options. I had the surgery done in Dec 2017, did months of physical therapy but knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be. In March 2019, my doctor told me I needed to start taking barre classes to strengthen my core. I knew who to go to – Kelly. She had been training at HSM for years – I could see what it was doing for her. She was lean, strong and happy. I wanted what she had.

I have never been into group workouts because I felt insecure about my form and my weight. I scheduled some private training with Lee, started slow with The Essential Method and in just 2 weeks, felt ready to try The Method. I LOVED it. I’m a little more than 5 months into my HSM training and my balance has improved exponentially, I’m gaining lean muscle, my left hip is getting stronger by the day, and I feel happier. I believe I am on the road to being in the best mental and physical shape of my life! I have chosen to trust this process and do the work.

The trainers are encouraging in and out of class, I always feel welcomed when I step into the studio and Kelly and I have such a good time doing class together. We encourage each other and have such a deep love for each other – we want to see the other powerful, healthy and happy. I am grateful to Liz, Clary, Lee and the entire staff at HSM for sharing this method, this incredible lifestyle, with me. #HSM4LIFE!!!

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