Hilliard Studio Method


When I first moved to Charlotte, I was worried about finding “THE ideal studio.” One that could fill the void of my favorite workouts and classes I taught for several years back in Ohio. Being 12 weeks pregnant when I moved, I wanted to find something that challenged me but was still safe.

I had heard about Hilliard Studio Method through The Food Babe and decided to attend the Healthy Pregnancy seminar where she partnered with Liz Hilliard. I learned so much while I was there and was fired up to attend a class. That following week, I attended my first class, and that’s when the addiction began.

Juliana Zimmerman and daughter

Having spent 10 years in the fitness field, I was so impressed with the knowledge and professionalism at Hilliard Studio Method. The workout was not only extremely challenging, but very empowering. The Trainers were all so knowledgeable about pregnancy modifications. I loved the special attention I received, especially in a packed classroom. There were many other women who came to class in all stages of their pregnancy, and that also inspired me a great deal. No matter how I was feeling, my Hilliard workout was the highlight of my day and made my entire pregnancy so much more fun. I attended regular classes every week all the way up to my due date! After four weeks postpartum, I got the all clear to return, so of course the next day I booked a class with Trainer Brittany, who had taught my “due date class” that actually put me into labor! My core stayed very strong even after having a child naturally. I owe so much to the amazing Trainers and staff at Hilliard Studio Method!

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