Dana Ditesheim

I started taking classes at HSM about a year and a half ago. When I first started, I was slightly intimidated thinking that someone my age cannot possibly do this kind of workout. I was greeted with such encouragement and positivity that I quickly realized I could work at my own level and would soon […]
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Every client has a story of what brought them to Hilliard Studio Method, the changes they have seen and why they continue to make The Method a priority in their life. Read more from the HSM family below!

Meredith McBride

I started Hilliard Studio Method in April 2014 hesitantly. I was terrified, nervous, anxious, and intimidated! I have always heard about the Hilliard Studio Method but just wasn’t sure I could actually do it. I like to exercise but have never been an avid exerciser. I found it very hard to find time. I work […]

Ashley Kimball

I started attending classes at Hilliard Studio Method at a time of big change in my life.  I had just moved cross-country, just had my first baby, and just left a fairly high-stress job that involved sitting behind a computer for many hours a day. I have always enjoyed exercise, but Hilliard Studio Method was […]

Vani Hari

HSM has strengthened my body, improved my posture and changed my life! It’s been officially two years since I first discovered HSM and life just hasn’t been the same. Before HSM I desperately needed help with my posture due to some injuries and a job that keeps me spending hours at a time at my […]

Melissa Russell

Last September I celebrated my birthday by purchasing my first HSM class package and by having a health exam. The latter admittedly not as exciting as opening a little blue box to see something sparkly shining back at me, but what I’d soon find out is that both of these ‘gifts’ would alter and eventually […]

Lan Diep

Having a balance of mind, body and spirit is important to me. God has blessed me with one body and it is up to me to take care of it. Fitness is a top priority in my daily routine. I have done just about everything from long distance running (15 yrs), P90X (4 yrs), Insanity […]

Carrie Carickhoff

Running has always been my go to exercise. I have been running for years, doing both mini marathons and full marathons. Honestly I thought that pounding out mile after mile was the only way to stay in shape. After the births of my little girls (Caroline 5 and Elizabeth 3) I developed large blood clots […]

Ann Chalk

I have always exercised—mainly in exercise classes for the last 35 years, but when I started with Liz and Clary (HSM) I felt like this one really targeted all the areas that I needed. I can actually see a difference and so can my husband. One hour takes care of everything—I especially love the elongation […]

Lauren Maurer

When I first moved to Charlotte this past summer, I was coping with a long term, stubborn upper hamstring tear that had sidelined my running and was starting to affect my dancing. (I dance and perform Argentine Tango and up until this point had been an avid runner) I was on my third round of […]

Whitney Holofchak

From the first time I took my first HSM class I was hooked! I’ve always loved to work out and have especially enjoyed running. However, after having children 12 months apart, running wasn’t effective in getting me back in shape. Soon after I started at Hilliard, I saw results! No other workout has been as […]
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