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HSM has strengthened my body, improved my posture and changed my life!

It’s been officially two years since I first discovered HSM and life just hasn’t been the same. Before HSM I desperately needed help with my posture due to some injuries and a job that keeps me spending hours at a time at my desk. I had been doing a few different exercise classes around Charlotte and in other cities and they did help but I had no idea just how good I could feel.

I get interviewed a lot for my job as an author and food activist which means a lot of on camera time for national media where I want to look and feel my best. Sitting at the computer all day was giving me a serious hunchback and discomfort in my shoulders. I thought HSM might be the answer. Boy was I right! I remember walking in 5 mins late to my first class  – totally embarrassed but Liz and Clary made it feel like home from the very start. My schedule can be extremely sporadic and hectic, I have now been able to set up a great routine that I am proud of but only because HSM has a consistent class schedule and I can always count on class starting on time.

Since starting at HSM I not only feel stronger but I can clearly see the difference HSM has had on my body. Things I thought could never change started changing! My hips and butt have been molded into a shape I never thought was possible – the kind of shape that I admired only on supermodels.

I am so grateful to have discovered Liz and Clary’s studio. I leave class feeling energized, empowered, and enthusiastic-ready to start my day! It’s on the days that I am not able to make it to the studio that I am reminded why it is so important in my life. The way I feel after class is worth the commitment to make it there. I will be the first one to admit that being healthy takes commitment and HSM is worth it. Everyday I find myself challenged and inspired in class – it’s never boring, never gets old and is always entertaining even after 2 years!

When I’m on the road, you’ll find me doing the HSM video download series, these videos have been a saving grace! I haven’t been able to find a workout quite like HSM in all my travels. It’s definitely one of a kind!

I cannot thank the entire staff at HSM enough for providing such an empowering workout! Their motivation to be powerful is awe-inspiring! Thanks for reminding me of my strength and capability.

See you in class,

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