Hilliard Studio Method


I started attending classes at Hilliard Studio Method at a time of big change in my life.  I had just moved cross-country, just had my first baby, and just left a fairly high-stress job that involved sitting behind a computer for many hours a day. I have always enjoyed exercise, but Hilliard Studio Method was new to me, and it was hard!  The HSM trainers were really encouraging and helped me tackle the class in a way that allowed me quickly regain the core strength I had lost during my first pregnancy.  The classes were so energizing that I kept going, and began building strength, muscle tone, and feeling better and better after each class.

I am now six months and half months into my second pregnancy and feeling great! I am certain that continuing to attend class a few times a week, in combination with HSM’s amazing Powerful Pregnancy video, has been the key to maintaining a high energy level and having virtually no pregnancy-related aches and pains – no back pain, no swelling, and as an added bonus, I still felt great in a bikini at 20 weeks pregnant. And after years of dealing with knee pain brought on by a skiing accident, the pain is almost gone.  (I attribute this to the “small muscle work” we always hear about during those last 20 pulses at the barre.)

I would recommend HSM classes and the Powerful Pregnancy video to anyone, including any mama-to-be! Thank you in particular to Clary, Liz and Lee for your continued encouragement, instruction and helpful pregnancy modification cues in class, and to all the ladies at HSM for your commitment to helping women “be powerful” at every stage of life.

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