Hilliard Studio Method


Coming from a family of Chiropractors, health has played an important role in my life, but less than a year ago I began to struggle. I became frustrated that I hadn’t found a method of exercise I was truly passionate about.
I started to lose motivation to go to the gym and blamed it on working 9 to 5. My lack of motivation kept me from pushing myself and I developed what I call an unhealthy mentality. I stopped exercising, stopped eating nutritional foods and wallowed in my own negativity. I felt defeated. I lost sight of my own self-image and became unhappy with my appearance. I had let my own mind talk me into quitting and I knew I had to change.

It wasn’t until I literally started to feel sick and tired. Sick of feeling exhausted at work and tired of hearing my own negative thoughts. A dear friend and long-time “HSM Groupie” always raves about Hilliard Studio Method, so a few months ago I decided it was time try it out. My first class was amazing and challenging. From the warm welcome I received to the energy the class brought, I knew it was for me. I made a commitment thereafter that I would never let myself get to the place I was at before. I now have more energy, confidence, and strength. Through HSM I learned that “change doesn’t come from your comfort zone, it comes from your edge.” I’ve also learned that class doesn’t get easier, but I get stronger! The trainers ensure proper form and safety (which my Chiropractors appreciate) and make each class unique and fun. That is what keeps me coming back! Thanks to Hilliard Studio Method, I have been brought back to good health, both mentally and physically!

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