Hilliard Studio Method


I started Hilliard Studio Method in April 2014 hesitantly. I was terrified, nervous, anxious, and intimidated! I have always heard about the Hilliard Studio Method but just wasn’t sure I could actually do it.
I like to exercise but have never been an avid exerciser. I found it very hard to find time. I work full time and I have 2 small children and I would start to feel guilty if I was away working out when I should be with my kids. But I knew I needed to try something for myself. And I wanted something that I would love. So HSM is what I tried. And after the first night class I walked out of there thinking, Wow that was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and I LOVED it. I vowed to go back. And the next week I returned. I started off slow, once a week at the nighttime Essential Class. I remember talking to Lee Kennelly (one of the HSM trainers and a friend) and telling her that there was no way I could ever go to the real class. She assured me I could, she assured me the “real” class is the same as essentials but just more advanced. So I tried and I did it, and from there I started twice a week. After that I was hooked. My friends would say I am addicted to HSM. They might be right. I love the way I feel after I have completed a class. I feel strong, I feel confident, I feel proud. I now go 4-5 times a week and I miss it when I don’t go! HSM has changed my body, my confidence and my life.

What I love about HSM is that it feels like a family. The trainers are incredible and motivating but also real. They admit that class is hard, that certain moves are difficult, but they are there encouraging you and letting you know that you can do it. There is so much energy when you walk into the studio. No matter what is going on in your life, you are able to come into class and spend an hour focusing on yourself, and walk out there with a clear head and a strong mind and body.

Hilliard Studio Method works. My body has changed in ways I didn’t even know it could. I have muscles I didn’t know I had. My core is stronger, my legs are stronger. I am more toned than I have ever been in my life and I am proud of what I have accomplished with the help of the trainers. I work hard in each class and I challenge myself each and every time. Liz and Clary have created an amazing program, with incredible trainers and there is a wonderful network of strong, confident women. Thank you HSM

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