Hilliard Studio Method


Last September I celebrated my birthday by purchasing my first HSM class package and by having a health exam. The latter admittedly not as exciting as opening a little blue box to see something sparkly shining back at me, but what I’d soon find out is that both of these ‘gifts’ would alter and eventually improve my health and of course, that was the best birthday present of all.

As workout regimens go, I enjoy yoga, ac, strength classes, and the occasional jog. While I appreciate all those activities for their specific benefits, none of them have given me the visible results that I’ve seen with HSM. After committing to several classes a week, voodoo magic happened and I now see muscle tone where I never knew there was a muscle and I’ve lost inches all over.

While my newfound love for HSM workouts was blossoming, my cholesterol results came back at a whopping 246. Heredity plays a significant part of having high cholesterol but I’d been recently armed with cholesterol lowering strategies from the HSM informational e-mails and testimonials and I felt sure that with continued exercise and by making a few dietary changes, that I could get that number down naturally. Changes to my diet included adding oats, HSM smoothies with avocado + chia, more veggies and a little psyllium. I was recently retested and got the number down to a much better 186!

Since my first visit to the new studio in September, I continue to be impressed with HSM. It is evident that they strive to be the best at what they do. From all the awesome teachers who are dedicated to teaching proper form and challenging classes, the friendly staff, bright + yummy smelling studio, to their informative Sunday e-mails that impart nutritional and lifestyle wisdom. They’ve got it going on! Liz and Clary are the embodiment of living their passion and their effervescence is palpable. That positive energy is infectious and I love being a part of it all

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