Hilliard Studio Method


When I started Hilliard Studio Method, I knew immediately it was what I’d been looking for – low impact but still with the intensity and energy I love. I decided to drop my other strength workouts and make HSM part of my daily routine, which my knees thanked me for. In time, things like holding a plank for an entire minute or doing all the pushups off of my knees became doable. It was true, coming to HSM made me stand up straighter, eat healthier and become stronger both in body and mind.
When I started at Hilliard Studio Method, what I didn’t know was the incredible community I’d find, built by Liz, Clary and everyone at HSM. I am inspired by each woman I meet at every stage of life. At HSM there are dancers, athletes, moms (and grandmas!), entrepreneurs, businesswomen and so many more. Each of us comes to be stronger for our families, our jobs and ourselves. I so appreciate being in class with a group of women who are there to encourage and sometimes commiserate with each other through every workout!
When I’m having a day where my heels aren’t quite as high or my lunge not quite as low as I’d like, I just look over at the mom-to-be who is kicking my butt and am inspired to work harder.

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