“Breaking yourself of your sugar habit will be the best thing you can do for yourself” -Liz Hilliard

 “Refined sugar is the one thing I absolutely avoid in my food, and breaking yourself of your sugar habit will be the best thing you can do for yourself… Here’s my nonscientific way of asking clients to come off it: cut it in half. Literally, cut your sweet treat in half and throw the other half in the trash. If you have two cookies, eat just one and throw the other one away. The next day, have one cookie, but cut it in half and throw one half away… and so on until there’s none left. Sugar is a highly-addictive substance, and once you’re off refined sugar and processed food (which is loaded with sugar), you’ll feel more energized and your craving will eventually diminish.” -Liz Hilliard, Be Powerful: Find Your Strength at Any Age


If you’ve been part of the HSM Family for a while, you know that a major part of the HSM Lifestyle is cutting out sugar. While we would never tell you what to eat or impose limitations on your diet, we cannot stress enough the harm sugar can have on the body and its insanely-addictive nature (like, more addictive than cocaine — seriously). Simple sugars can also be the root of many health issues. Unwanted weight gain can be caused by sneaky refined carbohydrates (often disguised as health foods), which the body treats exactly like sugar. Find out more about how to curb your cravings here. What about artificial sweeteners? We recommend cutting those, too. Finally, learn to properly fuel your body with these tips


If you’re still wondering why Liz refuses to touch the white stuff and for more tips on kicking your sugar habit, grab a copy of Be Powerful: Find Your Strength at Any Age, the Amazon best-seller written by our own Mother of Dragons, Liz Hilliard!

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