Be Powerful: Find Your Strength at Any Age by Liz Hilliard Book

Be Powerful: Find Your Strength at Any Age by Liz Hilliard Book

Change the way you look and feel with Liz Hilliard, creator and owner of Hilliard Studio Method. Hilliard reaches into the souls of her clients with great passion and energy to help them achieve their fitness goals, and her overflowing classes are the fruit of her hard work.

When Liz’s daughter, Clary, was hoping to get in the best shape of her life for her wedding, Liz took the challenge to heart. Her passion, science-based research and relentless trial and error led to amazing results for the mother-daughter duo and their clients of all ages.

Liz’s mantra, “Be Powerful,” encompasses the philosophy that sets Hilliard Studio Method apart. With a supportive and positive approach to their challenging workout, Liz, Clary, and their trainers recognize that it takes power to make fitness and health a priority. It takes power to push your body to the place where it will change.

Be Powerful is not only the story of how Liz Hilliard came to create her unique, proven and unparalleled Hilliard Studio Method workout and lifestyle but also how she found the strength to overcome one of her most challenging life events to empower others to find their authentic and most powerful selves.


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