It might not be from the umpteenth rep of the pretzel, it might be you’re low on fuel. Forget the Starbucks latte loaded with thigh-sticking empty calories, zero nutrition, and a sugar-induced caffeine high that drops you like a rock in the middle of barre work. Look for a hit of protein and natural sugars to sustain your energy and keep your blood sugar on an even keel.

My go-to pre-workout snack is high protein yogurt mixed with berries. Siggi’s is a good choice- low in sugar high in protein. Yogurt is easy on the tummy and actually aids in digestion while the berries bring a hit of antioxidants and nutrients. Or grab a banana, smear some organic peanut butter or almond butter for some added protein and natural boost. Bananas are loaded with nutrients like vitamin A, iron and potassium and have natural sugars for energy. Fill up with fiber by crunching on a stalk with celery slathered with organic peanut butter and a few raisins. We all remember “ants on a log” – still tasty and still good for you!

Being properly fueled for your workout will rev up your metabolism, make you feel better and bring you faster results!

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