What to Drink this Summer

At HSM, we believe in joie de vivre, which can come in the form of a relaxing drink over good conversation with friends and family. We know how hard it is to resist the tropical variety with the umbrella, so we’ve put together a list of satisfying options that won’t undo your hard work!


While on vacation, it’s especially important to stay hydrated! To keep it fun, add fresh herbs (like mint, basil or rosemary), lemon, cucumber or a handful of berries. We also love Kombucha — its fizziness makes for a great soda substitute and the probiotic enzymes combat the bloat and detoxify.

Adult Beverages

Whether your preference is wine, beer or cocktails, think simplicity — the fewer additives, the better. This way, you avoid added sugars and learn to appreciate the authentic taste of your drink. Our go-to’s are:

A drink with friendsRosé: Try adding cubed or crushed ice to your rosé. It gives a festive feel, keeps you cool and aids in adding a bit of hydration. Out of rosé? This works wonderfully with white wine as well (We love a French white!).

Tequila: When it comes to liquor, we’re loving a good tequila blanco with an entire fresh lime’s worth of juice mixed with chilled soda water on the rocks. Hits the spot every time! Not a tequila fan? Try the same recipe with vodka.

Beer: For the beer connoisseur, try to stick to German beers. Most of these beers are brewed according to “Reinheitsgebot,” or German Purity Law, which means their ingredient list consists of only water, hops, yeast, malted barley or wheat — none of those sneaky additives many other beers contain. Look for “Reinheitsgebot” on the label!


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