Kelly Parnell + Amy Campbell

Kelly Parnell: Like so many other women, for many years of my life, I was fixated on achieving the “perfect” body idolized and glamorized by society. And so I waged war against my body, succumbing to yo-yo diets and inconsistent, cardio-focused exercise routines. When I finally decided to reach a truce with myself and make […]
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Every client has a story of what brought them to Hilliard Studio Method, the changes they have seen and why they continue to make The Method a priority in their life. Read more from the HSM family below!

Stacy Gorelick

Shortly before Thanksgiving last year I ran into an old yoga buddy who I hadn’t seen in a while. Our conversation quickly turned to exercise and what we had each been doing to keep in shape. I had spent 7 years completely devoted to yoga. But it had been 4 years since I had rolled […]

Caroline Withers

For as long as I can remember, athletics and fitness have been my passion. Growing up, I played every sport and went on to play Division 1 college lacrosse. With a demanding schedule, I was accustomed to pushing myself to the limit, mentally and physically, something that has since been ingrained in me. I love […]

Joslin Gust

Lets just say, “Hilliard Studio Method Delivers!” I started Hilliard in 2014 and have watched the method transform my body! Being a critical care nurse I thrive off adrenaline and being pushed past my comfort level. The physical changes are just the beginning in becoming a member at HSM. Liz and Clary have created an […]

Allie Dunn

“While preparing for Miss NC USA, I became addicted to Hilliard Studio Method classes! I could see and feel a difference in my body, not only physically but mentally as well. I love attending classes and soaking in the powerful atmosphere in the studio. With the help of Hilliard and my trainer I was able […]

Crystal Sellers

It’s no secret HSM workouts are challenging and deliver results. But sometimes a girl needs a little extra motivation. The HSM summer challenge was just what I needed to get myself ready for a family vacation to France. I’m not saying it was easy to take 20 classes in the month of June. I ventured […]

Shermaine Williams

I am a professional track athlete who has been using The Hilliard Studio Method in preparation for the upcoming athletic season. This year in particular is a special one for me, with it being an Olympic year, HSM has kick started my preparation not only physically but mentally. So far I’ve felt better in my […]

Ava Cherry

You get out of Hilliard Studio Method what you put in–and your results will be nothing short of amazing! I started coming to class about 8 months ago at the urging of my future sister-in-law, Joslin, and my business partner, Melissa. After years of long distance running and little weight training, my knees and hips […]

Meghan Scannell

I joined HSM this past year after many of my friends had been raving about the amazing workout and immediate changes they have seen in their bodies and fitness levels. Growing up in Charlotte, I have tried almost every workout in town, from interval training to other barre classes, but there is just something different […]

Carolyn Killingsworth

Almost a year ago I walked into Hilliard Studio Method, both excited and more than a little bit intimidated. I had known of HSM for quite a while and had been thinking of giving it a try for several months. I had exercised regularly all my life – classes (who remembers step classes??!!), yoga, pilates, […]
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