Hilliard Studio Method


For as long as I can remember, athletics and fitness have been my passion. Growing up, I played every sport and went on to play Division 1 college lacrosse. With a demanding schedule, I was accustomed to pushing myself to the limit, mentally and physically, something that has since been ingrained in me. I love anything that proves itself a challenge and humbles me, bringing my body to failure. So, it’s no surprise that I have become totally hooked on Hilliard Studio Method. If there is ever a workout I seriously could not live without, it would be this one. I have been going to classes regularly over the last two years and I can tell you, it never ever gets easy. In fact, each class is harder than the one before. The instructors are constantly changing things, adding new routines so your body never gets “bored.” There are times when my legs begin to shake the second we even start the thigh routine! Sometimes I honestly don’t think I can do another push up but then Liz and Clary just have that gift that makes you want to prove to them, and yourself, that heck, I can do this! And then there are the results…nothing has ever changed the shape of my body the way HSM has. With the style of lifting I was accustomed to, I was super strong but lacked that definition I wanted. Now you can actually see the strong muscles I have!

What I also love about HSM is that, yes, classes are very challenging, but it’s for everyone in every stage of life. I still continued to attend class almost daily while pregnant with my second son which kept me (and my husband) mentally sane and physically in great shape. Clary especially was so amazing in helping me with modifications because of course I couldn’t do it all! In fact, HSM is really a go-to for many women I know during and after pregnancy.
Hilliard Studio Method has become a constant in my life. It’s part of my daily routine. If I’m ever stranded on a deserted island you better believe Liz and Clary are coming with me!!!

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