Hilliard Studio Method


Almost a year ago I walked into Hilliard Studio Method, both excited and more than a little bit intimidated. I had known of HSM for quite a while and had been thinking of giving it a try for several months.

I had exercised regularly all my life – classes (who remembers step classes??!!), yoga, pilates, running then walking, and strength work with a trainer. Though all of them were helpful in their own way I felt I had hit a plateau and was ready to be pushed a bit more. After the first class I definitely realized there was a whole other level of being in shape!

From the beginning the entire Hilliard team made me feel welcome, stressing to always listen to my own body. I learned it was okay to modify when my bad knees just don’t allow me to do deep bends, and to drop to a lower weight when I feel I have reached my edge. The encouraging, positive and friendly attitude of all the trainers and staff makes me feel comfortable even though most of the HSMers are young enough to be my daughter. (I turned 70 in September and am the proud grandmother of two precious boys.)

Every woman wants to look and feel her best, and HSM meets all those needs. Besides the outward physical benefits perhaps the most important things of all are the benefits that aren’t so visible: increased flexibility, core strength, better mind/body connection and most of all, better bone strength. I have the typical body type to have osteoporosis at my age, but thanks to HSM, my bone density is excellent.

During this season of Thanksgiving I am so grateful to Liz, Clary and all the amazing trainers for making it possible to Be Powerful at any age!

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