Hilliard Studio Method


You get out of Hilliard Studio Method what you put in–and your results will be nothing short of amazing! I started coming to class about 8 months ago at the urging of my future sister-in-law, Joslin, and my business partner, Melissa. After years of long distance running and little weight training, my knees and hips were in bad shape. Although I love running and being outside, two marathons were enough for me and my body. In my professional life, I am a general dentist in private practice and rely heavily on my posture, body position and stability to treat my patients. This type of work can also take its toll on your body if you don’t care for it in the right way. Honestly, I was too intimidated by HSM for quite a while, but I finally gave it a try. The atmosphere was not what I expected, and in a good way! From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and supported. The instructors and staff are kind and encouraging, and that means so much to me! The studio itself is beautiful and smells great (I am a sucker for lovely candles.) My first class was tough, but I made it through, determined to try harder next time. Before long, I was attending class 5-6 days a week and doing all my push-ups without getting on my knees, and holding plank for over two minutes. If you work hard, the payback will speak for itself. When I came home for Easter last year, my dad asked me if I had grown a few inches (nope–my posture was just that much better). HSM is hard work, but you get out of it what you put in. It’s one hour out of the day that you can care for yourself, and as someone who always puts others before myself this was huge. An added bonus–I have made some amazing new friends through HSM and strengthened my current friendships. You will often find me going out to coffee at Starbucks after class with my friends–please join us! Above all, I believe in Clary and Liz’s vision to empower women through fitness and beyond. This is a workout you can do even during pregnancy! Pregnant ladies and new mommas alike–I admire your strength and one day hope to be as powerful as you are in my HSM class! Thank you to the HSM family for their creativity, strength, and vision for women’s fitness. I admire and support your business and value your friendship, but above all, your classes WORK! My ‘walking away muscles’ will be on point for my wedding this coming February 🙂

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