Hilliard Studio Method


I joined HSM this past year after many of my friends had been raving about the amazing workout and immediate changes they have seen in their bodies and fitness levels. Growing up in Charlotte, I have tried almost every workout in town, from interval training to other barre classes, but there is just something different about HSM. I travel a few nights a week and HSM was the first workout video that I could easily travel with (just a resistance band) and know that I was going to have an amazing workout. I’m a walking HSM commercial, knowing that several of my old coworkers now use the online videos when they travel, as well. From the Carolinas to California- I will continue to encourage my friends and coworkers to try the HSM videos-it can be done in your hotel room or even pool side. That mind and body connection will lead to being powerful and strong in everything we do.

I have never felt stronger or more fit in my life- I attribute that to adding HSM into my weekly workout routine. Walking into the HSM studio or doing a video at home or on the road is always the best way to start my day- knowing I’m going to leave feeling energized, healthy, and powerful! Thank you to all the wonderful ladies at HSM, you inspire me and some many other women across the country!

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