Prep for Spring Break with HSM

Bikini-Friendly Foods

When it comes to Spring Break prep, the number one concern for everyone is feeling your best in a swimsuit. According to the experts at Shape Magazine, there are certain foods that year-in, year-out top the bikini-friendly list, including:

  • Salmon / Swap the white fish for salmon in our herb-roasted fish recipe to keep things tasty + different.
  • Leafy Greens / How delicious does our lentil salad over arugula sound?
  • Quinoa / Our roasted veggie + quinoa salad is sure to win over your family!
  • Greek yogurt, and
  • Raw nuts

Take Your Workout with You

Our video subscription service brings Hilliard Studio Method to you anytime, anywhere – even on vacation. With HSM Streaming, you’ll get access to over 6,000 minutes of workouts that you can enjoy while you’re away. The best news is, the first two weeks are free!


The days of skipping SPF are thankfully a thing of the past. With new sunscreens like Supergoop! Healthy Glow Sunless Tan, you can give your skin the protection factor it needs for fun in the sun, and it leaves you with a sun-kissed glow you’ll love.

The best part? As a special treat for the HSM Family, use promo code SUPERGOOP15 and take 15% through the end of the month.

Once You’re Home

It’s always sad when vacations come to a close, but the memories you make with your family will last a lifetime. When it’s time to get back on track, we’ve got you covered with an incredible workout + a few of our favorite post-vacation tips.

Book A Class

Hilliard Studio Method group classes are designed to be taken on a regular, best case daily, basis. Each class is different from the day before, utilizing a variety of powerful movements and workout tools. Classes available at our Myers Park location in Charlotte, NC.

Stream A Workout

Workout anywhere with Hilliard Studio Method! Our collection of streaming videos and DVDs range in difficulty from beginner to advanced with options from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Be Powerful with HSM and transform your body no matter where you are.

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