Metabolism is your body’s way of converting what you eat and drink into the energy you need for basic daily functions, from breathing and circulating blood to eating and exercising.

We like to think of metabolism as a balancing act:
If you consume more calories than your body uses, it begins to store that energy as fat.
You can maintain your body weight by balancing your calorie intake and exercise.
You can lose weight by creating a healthy caloric deficit.

For long term results, a healthy caloric deficit requires eating nutrient dense calories high in protein, as well as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits combined with resistance training based exercise and daily activity that you enjoy.

Be wary of any caloric deficit that relies on highly restrictive diets, fads, and cardio-only based exercise. The initial shift on your scale is merely water weight. After that, your body will begin to search for things to burn, like your muscle, resulting in lack of energy and strength.

Stay tuned as we introduce you to all of the different ways you can combine Hilliard Studio Method with healthy, protein rich foods for your happiest metabolism yet!

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