Vo2 max and dexascan are some of the most accurate ways to assess the overall health of the body. Liz recently had hers tested by Sarah Edwards, MD.

These are her results:
“I find it interesting that Liz Hilliard does not run but has been able to increase and maintain her Vo2 max by doing her Method. I think it is a testimony to the high intensity of her Method. She is decreasing her all cause mortality by exercising correctly and effectively.

“Liz Hilliard’s body fat of 11 percent is in the level of an elite athlete and competitive body builder.”

Liz Hilliard’s body fat of 11 percent is in the level of an elite athlete and competitive body builder. She also has no sign of osteoporosis at this time. It is difficult for a woman of 64 to be able to achieve this percentile. Where a person holds their fat is also very important for health. If you have a lot of fat around your abdomen, you are at risk of heart disease. Liz’s Method has helped her keep her truncal body fat low and decrease her risk of heart disease.”

View Liz’s full results here.

Vo2 max is how much oxygen a person can take in and is widely used as a gauge of overall health. The American Heart Association found that people with low Vo2 max have increased mortality rates, higher rates of some cancers and increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Dexascan is the most accurate way to test body fat, and it also assesses bone health.

Vo2 max is determined by genetics, age, sex, exercise trends, body composition and training method. Many people do not exercise the way they should and do not get much benefit from their time at the gym. In order to increase your Vo2 max and improve your longevity, a person usually needs to run intervals at challenging levels. However, Liz’s test results say otherwise. In fact, she has added years to her life and achieved the body fat percentage of an elite athlete solely by following the HSM Lifestyle and exercising at Hilliard Studio Method!

With only 10% of 65+ year-old adults in the Western world exercising on a regular basis, we have a huge opportunity to change the way we look and feel as we age. The great thing about Hilliard Studio Method is that the low-impact, high-intensity work is sustainable for those at any age or stage of life. So do your future self a favor and keep working to your edge at the studio! Trust us — you’ll thank yourself later.

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