Holiday Fit Tips

By: Liz Hilliard

My iron-clad rule for every holiday season is, “Enjoy, Partake and Celebrate!” Tis the Season and you don’t want to miss it! To ensure all your hard work doesn’t fly out the window during holiday parties, follow three of my tried-and-true holiday tips:

  1. Move your body! Find a way to squeeze in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Our HSM Express 35-minute class at Hilliard Studio Method works and sculpts your body in half the time. Don’t have time to come to the studio? Stream one of our short videos on your smart phone, iPad or smart TV. Don’t underestimate the power of working your body to clear your mind and keep you looking and feeling your best.
  2. You’ve got to look stunning in your sassy little holiday dress so what is your pre party snack? “Nothing”? In that case you’re setting yourself up for failure and a boat load of tasty little pastries sitting in your stomach and eventually on your hips in no time flat. Instead, dig into a big bowl of plain yogurt pre-party. Greek is good. Add a little chia if you like or some organic berries. This will do two things: coat your stomach with billions of gut nourishing probiotics to help absorb the alcohol you are most likely going to drink and keep your appetite in control so that you don’t binge on unhealthy party food.
  3. Hydrate and enjoy! I know the value of living well and a glass of wine for me is a daily ritual I cherish! At Holiday parties I use water to help moderate my alcohol intake. My recipe is to drink one glass of water for each glass of wine or cocktail. Moderation is key, but any chance to celebrate is not to be wasted. Joie de Vivre!

Check out our alcohol guide to continue the holiday fun with smart choices at Cheers and Happy Holidays! 🥂

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