Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Smoothie

Check out our favorite new product from one of our favorite HSM Family Members, The Food Babe! Her philosophy is to provide only the BEST natural ingredients to her customers through her company, Truvani. Fall in love with Truvani’s Daily Turmeric Supplement when you whip up this refreshing anti-inflammatory turmeric smoothie. It’s the perfect way to prep for pool lounging!


-1/4 c. organic baby carrots: antioxidants, vitamin A, beta carotene, vision booster, fights free radicals (source)
-1/2 organic navel orange: vitamin C, fiber, healing phytonutrients (source)
-1/2 organic banana, frozen: digestion aid, loaded with potassium, lowers blood pressure, source of healthy carbs (source)
-1 tbsp. fresh ginger root: soothes tummy, boosts immune system, fights infection, anti-inflammatory (source)
-3 Truvani turmeric tablets (your daily value): anti-inflammatory, supports healthy joints, heart health, cholesterol health, supports weight loss, adds radiance to skin, the list goes on! (source)
-1/4 c. organic mango chunks, frozen: Vitamin B6, A and C, packed with potassium and magnesium, natural source of quercetin, fights free radicals (source)
-2/3 c. coconut water (check out The Food Babe’s tips for finding the healthiest coconut water on the market): abundant in electrolytes, potassium-packed, hydrating (source)
-Juice of 1/2 lemon: vitamin C, antioxidant, natural antibiotic, brightens skin (source)


-Dash of Cinnamon: anti-inflammatory and calorie-burning properties (source)
You can also add your Daily Turmeric Supplements to your HSM Signature Smoothie for even more nutrients to start your day!


Blend + enjoy!

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