Hilliard Studio Method


I am thrilled to have landed at Hilliard Studio Method, which has transformed my life by re-wiring how I think about working out and taking care of my body. HSM is simply the most intelligent, efficient, safe and highly effective workout I’ve experienced. Additionally, the studio and community are vibrant and inspiring. In just a few short months, HSM has become my daily dose of positive affirmation.

I’ve been active in the Charlotte fitness community for a number of years; balancing a banking career with physical activity has always been a top priority. I spent my 20s primarily distance running and started hot yoga, which I continue to practice regularly. In my 30s I discovered barre, and tried just about every workout from Cross Fit to spinning. This fall I even completed my first Olympic distance triathlon!

Despite the varied regimen over the years, I was never quite satisfied with results, even after recent triathlon training. Like most women, I struggle with certain ‘problem’ areas, as well as poor posture. Also, while finishing the race was a great accomplishment, the intense training left me at risk for overuse injuries in my left leg. At this point, I was so tired of beating up my body AND being frustrated with a lack of results, and knew my approach to exercise had to change.

HSM’s unique, non-impact workout absolutely delivers results! With a focus on posture and proper form, I noticed a dramatic difference within the first month of regular classes; feeling stronger, taller and less round-shouldered, especially while sitting at my desk. The trainers offer modifications, which has been huge in my recovery as I can give my left leg a break when needed. And bonus, with the combination of weights and core-centric moves, those annoying ‘problem’ areas are tightening up!

The studio has a special vibe. From the minute I walked in the door, I felt welcomed and supported by the entire HSM Team. Two of my yoga friends inspired me to try HSM; I’ve also run into lots of familiar faces and met new people. Hearing me rave about the workout, one of my other friends recently started taking classes. My husband has now joined the fun, as we’ve incorporated HSM Core Megaformer classes into our weekend workout time together.

I love HSM’s daily encouragement to be strong and be powerful! This studio and workout came into my life at the perfect time, which I believe was totally meant to be. Many, many thanks to Liz, Clary and the entire HSM Team for your support and look forward to seeing you lots in 2016!

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