Hilliard Studio Method


Recently, I completed my first year with HSM. From my very first visit, when I received a warm and reassuring greeting from Leah and I met Liz, I knew that I came to the right place. When I first visited HSM, I had just received my doctor’s approval to start low impact activity after long recovery periods where I was either non- or partial-weighting bearing due to receiving a cartilage transplant in each knee. With my activity level so restricted during my recovery, I knew that it would be challenging for me to rebuild muscle tone and strength, but after just one class, I knew that the safe and total body workout at HSM perfectly fit my needs.

Aside from getting a great workout and seeing results, what has sold me on HSM and HSM | Core is the sincere concern for and commitment to clients. During my first visit to HSM, Liz, who was teaching the Essentials class that day, talked with me before class about my knee issues, and then throughout the class, she gave me cues on how to modify to protect my knees. After class, she followed up with me to see how I (and my knees) felt. I was so impressed! Since that first visit, HSM and HSM | Core trainers have always been so good about making sure that I am mindful about “watching those knees.” When I can’t make it to either studio for a class, I use one of my HSM workout DVDs at home. While it is more fun to go to the studios, the HSM workout DVDs deliver the same challenging workouts and messages about “working to your edge, but always listening to your body first.”

Everyone from Liz and Clary to all of the trainers and the support staff work so hard to make sure that clients have the best experience possible. Even outside of class, through weekly newsletters and an occasional survey asking for feedback, it is evident how much clients are valued and respected when you see new classes being added or class times adjusted to meet client needs.

I recently had to have another arthroscopic surgery on my right knee and when I tell people about having had another surgery, a very common response is “Wow, you look good!” Even the nurse who removed my stitches complimented me on how well I looked. I attribute being able to recover so quickly to all of the quad strength I have gained from HSM and HSM/Core classes. I am grateful to have found such an efficient, effective and most importantly, safe workout, and to have made some great friends along the way. Thank you Liz and Clary, and everyone else at HSM and HSM | Core for what you do to help clients feel “powerful” physically and mentally.

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