Hilliard Studio Method


I heard about HSM in late 2014 after moving back to Charlotte from NYC. I was looking for a new fitness routine after the birth of my daughter that Fall. After a few weeks of contemplating trying HSM, I read a testimonial by Meredith McBride and finally got up the guts to sign up for my first Essentials class. The Hilliard team was very welcoming and has always helped me modify the workouts to my own ‘edge’. The trainers have a unique ability to push me to my edge through their enthusiasm and relentless support. They will emphatically tell us to “resist our knees” during plank at 6 o’clock on a Tuesday morning (as I’m cursing at Meg Morrison in my head) but they also consistently remind us to take breaks and modify when needed. HSM has become a staple in my life and the results have been truly remarkable (I shed over 20 pounds of pregnancy and NYC restaurant weight in the first 3 months).
I have always been active – running in college and gym/personal training after that, but I have never felt stronger, inside and out, than I do today! My family has labeled me an HSM junkie as I insist on going several times a week. I bring HSM with me wherever I go through streaming videos as well (my in-laws family room over Thanksgiving, family beach trip, hotel rooms, to name a few). Most importantly though, I feel better on the inside. HSM is “my time” away from a very demanding finance job and my awesome, but exhausting job as a mother to a growing little girl (now 14 months). I am truly a better version of myself because of HSM. I highly recommend Hilliard Studio Method to people of all ages and fitness levels. While it is an intense experience, the entire class can be tailored to your own pace. The trainers are genuinely interested in making sure that everyone has a rewarding experience (from day 1 to day 500). Someday, I’ll have just one heel on the ball for the entire series and my arms moving with the weights in a fly position.

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