Hilliard Studio Method


I have been a swimmer, runner and triathlete my entire life. Now with three children, a full time job and a new business, I don’t have a lot of time to workout. Although running has been my go-to exercise, I’ve had numerous injuries over the years and haven’t been able to run as much as I would like to stay in shape. To improve my strength and flexibility and supplement running, I started doing yoga. However, after my first HSM class I realized I found the perfect combination of a tough, challenging workout without the high-impact of running!

Previously used to grueling swimming workouts, long runs and hours on a bike, my body craved the challenge and intensity of a good workout — and that is what I found with the Hilliard Studio Method classes! They challenge you the entire hour while working every part of your body, especially your core, upper body and legs. After less than six months of doing HSM, I noticed significant improvements in my core and overall strength, which has helped me to continue running, made my yoga classes easier (my core and hip strength has made all those balance poses much easier to hold), and I especially love the definition that I’ve noticed on my arms and legs!

With my crazy busy schedule, I can find a class just about any time – I usually go to the 5:45am class which gives me time to be home before the kids are off to school and I can still be at work by eight. I also take advantage of the Express 35-minute class, which is offered during the lunch hour a few days a week and gives me the perfect break from the office. Futher, I downloaded some of the online videos so I can do a quick workout at home when getting to the studio is just not an option.

Besides the awesome workout, I found all of the instructors and the studio atmosphere to be super friendly and welcoming! The instructors make an effort to know everyone in the class by name and keep you pumped and encouraged the entire class. I have highly recommended Hilliard Studio Method to my friends that are not just looking for a new exercise class, but those who are looking for a challenging, effective option for cross-training for other sports and fitness routines!

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