Hilliard Studio Method


After I had my second baby, only 22 months after my first, I found myself feeling weak and exhausted all the time. I mentioned this to a friend, and she suggested this new, amazing exercise program she was doing. An avid runner for many years, I thought I had a pretty good exercise routine already in place and hesitated. But then, she made a muscle and showed off quite the burly bicep, and I was convinced to go in to try it for myself!

I was addicted from the beginning. The instructors are so knowledgeable and dedicated – so much so that when the power went out abruptly during one of my first classes, the workout continued as if nothing had happened! Since coming regularly for over a year, I am stronger, leaner, have better posture and have more energy than I thought possible. I also have a feeling of “can-do” that helps me to not only fulfill my obligations as a wife, mother, and professional, but that allows me to be truly focused and present in all the things I do.

One of my favorite things about Hilliard Studio Method is that they seem to know just how to push you to your edge, each and every time. It’s like they can sense when you need a quick word of encouragement, or when you are ready to be pushed just a little further. I also love the emphasis on the whole person that they enforce. While there is a definite value placed on looking your best, there is likewise a focus on being confident and strong and healthy. I am so grateful to have learned from such a positive community of beautiful, strong women!

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