Hilliard Studio Method


I always knew I would end up at Hilliard Studio Method… it was just a matter of getting there! Growing up, I practically lived at the ballet studio. Into my college and adult years, I never found my exercise niche. Going to the gym, no thanks. Working with a trainer, not for me. Running, definitely out of the question. Barre classes, too trendy. Hilliard, too hard. I had an excuse for everything.

After the birth of my second daughter, I didn’t exercise for almost three years! It was time to work my way back into shape and try Hilliard. Nothing could prepare me for my first class: the number of reps, the endless plank series, my heart rate soaring, the sweat rolling down my arms five minutes into class, the quick transitions, the passion and energy of the trainers and the strength of the women on the mats around me. I was very humbled (and may or may not have shed a tear in the car on the way home.)

Now, less than two years later, I’ve obtained a much stronger, healthier body which I’m driven to maintain and improve. I try to attend class three times a week and actually crave coming to the studio… just like I craved going to ballet in my younger years! I love the diverse approach to the HSM classes. There’s always a new series or a different apparatus or position to keep me focused on my form.

The environment at HSM is so friendly and encouraging. Each trainer says something in class that makes me laugh. Nothing like a joke or a story to help you through those last 15 seconds of a hold! I’ve made new friends, gotten reacquainted with others and look up to many. At the end of class I have such a feeling of gratitude for my strong body and all that we accomplished in 60 minutes. I feel so blessed to have this outlet in my life! I’m just sorry I didn’t try it sooner.

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