Hilliard Studio Method


I had been hearing rave reviews about HSM from friends for quite a while, but was pretty convinced it wasn’t the type of thing for me. I had never lifted a weight in my life! I studied and performed classical ballet growing up and through college, but was constantly fighting injuries that left me discouraged and frustrated with ballet. After college and grad school, I started working full time in public accounting and began to realize that though I was no longer dancing, sitting at a desk all day was taking just as bad of a toll on my body.

I am absolutely not a morning person, but have challenged myself to become a regular in the 5:45am class. I leave class energized and with a sense of accomplishment that carries me through my day. I have seen such great improvement in my overall alignment and posture since starting HSM and have learned how to use muscles I never knew existed. I believe in Liz and Clary’s vision to empower women through fitness, and feel so fortunate to have found HSM (with the help of my friends who assured me I wouldn’t feel out of place). I would encourage anyone who is on the fence about trying HSM to make the commitment to find out what means to “Be Powerful”!

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