Hilliard Studio Method


About 8 months ago, I became a mother to a sweet baby girl. It has been a wonderful experience, but as every mother knows, having a newborn is a lot of work and can be very stressful. Luckily, one thing I did not have to stress about was getting my pre-pregnancy figure back. I was able to keep doing HSM 3-5 days a week until two days before I went into labor (which was 11 days past my due date!). Besides being incredibly sleep deprived, I felt pretty good when I got home from the hospital. A few weeks after I delivered, my doctor gave me the “okay” to work out, so I started slow with some HSM Essentials classes. After many hours of sitting, nursing and being cooped up in the house, it felt great to get moving and build some strength. Within no time I was back to my regular classes. During the course of my maternity leave, any chance I got to have a friend or family member watch the baby, I chose to go to HSM over any other activity – shopping, grocery store, pedicure, etc. The weight came off and my waistline returned quicker than I ever expected.

Now as a working mother, my time (and sleep) are precious, but if there is a morning where I can squeeze in a workout, I do my best to make it happen. The other day Clary commented to me that she thought I was even more toned than I was before I got pregnant. And based on the amount of pushups I can do these days, I think she is right! Though I had never doubted that HSM was the workout for me, my pregnancy and post-partum experience has most certainly confirmed it

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