Hilliard Studio Method


In April of 2014 I purchased the largest horse I have ever owned in my 20+ years of riding in the hunter jumper circuit. I quickly realized that he was a totally different ride than I was used to, he was a whole body workout. As an avid runner, I thought that I was in great riding shape, but boy was I wrong. I had absolutely no core strength which was not a good combination with my new mount. My wonderful Trainer has the patience of a saint and after a million “it comes from your core” I finally heard her. In January 2015 I started going to Hilliard and it has been such a blessing. After 10 classes I truly felt stronger,

more balanced, and my riding was improving. In April, I found out that I had qualified for the 2015 Devon Horse Show. Qualifying for this meant I was one of the top 20 horses in the country in my division, the 3’3 Amateur Owners. It also meant that I had accomplished a life-long goal of mine. The crossover between what I do at Hilliard and what I do in the ring is incredible. The strength I have gained since January has greatly contributed to making me the best rider I can be. I go from the 5:45 am class straight to the barn in the summers and to say the least, I feel beyond powerful!

I truly want to thank you guys for kicking my butt every week. I am about to turn 27 and I am in the best shape of my life. I can’t imagine not having you all as part of my weekly routine!

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