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Summer Sizzle – more than 6 free classes and a tank top…
I have been dabbling in Hilliard Studio Method for almost 5 years now. Always loved the workout, always loved the energy, always loved the instructors… never could find the time and never made the commitment. In May HSM advertised their Summer Sizzle Challenge. Attend 20 classes in June and get 3 free classes (that’s some real cash ladies!). Attend 20 classes in July and get ANOTHER 3 classes AND one of those cute HSM tank tops (I own several and love them). 20 classes I thought, I can do this. I MUST do this.

My years of trying different work-outs, quitting different work-outs, a sedentary job and not making myself a priority were definitely taking a toll. Mentally, emotionally, and of course physically. It was past time to take action and the Summer Sizzle Challenge was all the motivation I needed.

I am a busy mom of two teenagers. For those of you with smaller children, let me be the bearer of bad news: it DOES NOT get easier. Teenagers have a life of their own, but no way to fund it or get there. That’s on you. So between running carpool, helping with homework, friend dates and date dates (seriously), I stay pretty busy. Did I mention that I am also a full-time attorney, wife, volunteer, friend, etc? Even with all of those demands on my time, I knew that I needed to make myself a priority. Here is how I did it and a few things I learned along the way:

1. PLAN AND PRIORITIZE: In May I sat down with my June calendar and the HSM schedule and mapped out my workout plan. With work, travel, kid schedules, etc. I knew that fitting in 20 classes would require scheduling and commitment. By planning ahead and putting my HSM appointments on the calendar I was able to plan around them rather than trying to plan my workouts around everything else. That’s the method that had been failing me all of these years. You know what they say, you can’t do it the way you’ve always done it and expect a different result! Once they were on the calendar they became a priority. I told my family that this was important to me and that I would need their support. They all continued to stare at their phones and nod in approval, but I really think they got it (a little). I said “no” to lunch plans if I had a noon workout planned. “No” to happy hour if I was hitting the 6:15pm class. “No” to sleep if I was heading to the 5:45 am (SO. EARLY.). I realized that in order to say “yes” to me and what I needed, I was going to have to say “no” to other things.

2. BE ACCOUNTABLE: I told my family that I was doing this (see above, I think they may know, but it’s hard to say). Better yet, I told a girlfriend and fellow HSM-er that I was doing this. I would check in with her or even see her at work-outs periodically and report on how I was doing (she also attended 20 classes both months and then some – Justine Eidt Tobin you are a MACHINE!). Anytime you speak your goals to another human being you’ve put it out there. No turning back. Especially if it’s a good friend who loves you enough to support you in a way that ACTUALLY supports you (not in a way that says “Hey girl, you’ve had a rough day, let’s skip the workout and have some wine”).

3. CONSISTENCY IS KEY: They tell you right there on the HSM website that you can expect to see results “within 10 sessions when taken on a regular basis”. As it turns out once a month, once a week, does not a regular basis make. I remember years ago when I was more regular in my attendance, I asked Liz how many classes one could safely take each week. She replied that she does about six classes a week. To which I replied “but yeah, you’re in amazing shape”. LIGHT BULB. Expect to see results when taken on a regular basis. Just like with medications, bar exam flashcards (oh the horror!!), learning French, etc., repetition is key. Having completed 20 classes these last two months (the most I did was 6 straight days) I am seeing results. My strength and stamina have definitely improved. I no longer cry when I know the 2 minute hold is coming up (sometimes I still cry afterwards). My waist is a little more whittled, my triceps and biceps are defined again, and I have been reintroduced to my transverse abdominus. Completing an HSM workout on a regular basis really is key to seeing results that keep you coming back.

4. YOU CAN’T UNDO IN THE GYM (OR HSM STUDIO) WHAT YOU’VE DONE IN THE KITCHEN: Guess why they sell Think Thin instead of Snickers bars at HSM. Ever think you will roll up one morning and see Cupcake Delirium instead of Luna’s truck? I love to eat. But just like I had to learn to say “no” to some activities in order to get my workouts in, I am having to learn to say no (more often) to some of the foods that are not doing my body any favors. If you read the HSM newsletters each week there is almost always a nutrition tip or two. That’s no accident, nutrition is the foundation of our fitness (beauty from the inside out remember). HSM classes are “icing the cake” – the cake that you only took a bite of and then politely pushed toward your teenage son to polish off (LOVE that kid). Hey we all indulge from time to time, but it truly is about all things in moderation. And by moderation I mean a bite! As my daughter says “check yourself before you wreck yourself”.

I picked up my tank top today and will be sporting it proudly in my upcoming free classes! A big “Thank you” to Liz Hilliard, Clary Hilliard Gray and all the instructors at HSM for challenging me and motivating me once again.

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