Hilliard Studio Method


I have been attending HSM now since 2009. The strength and power that Liz & Clary bring to each and every class never ceases to amaze me.
They have a wonderful staff of instructors and you will never come out disappointed-you are worked to your edge. I have been to many barre classes across the U.S. from NY, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami and Los Angeles, and nothing compares to the strength and motivation that these girls generate. This is a true “Barre” class and along with it comes a sense of major accomplishment and results after each class. I travel a lot and it is very frustrating when I have to get back into it. You definitely can feel the strength that has been lost if you don’t keep it up. It takes about 3 classes for me to see results and regain the strength I have lost. It’s quick and it works!

If you think Liz and Clary look great you should see their clients! I have seen the transformation of these women before my very eyes and that is so inspiring to me. The age range varies too, seems to me the older you are the stronger…. sorry girls! I’ve tried getting my girlfriends to come with me and try it out, they say they’re scared and well.. they should be! Thank you HSM for all you do!

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