Hilliard Studio Method


It’s SO HARD! But it’s also SO GREAT!
I started Hilliard Studio Method about three years ago, after I had my first child. Like many, I was hoping for a way to “shock” my body back in to shape…fast. Now I have two children and I believe there is no better way to efficiently get in shape. When I compare this workout to the many others I have tried, none are as effective. The environment at HSM is friendly, encouraging and fun. It makes you want to try your absolute hardest every time. One comment/excuse I often hear from people who have not tried HSM is that they could not physically do the class. I am here to tell you I still can not “do” the entire class and that is completely fine. No one will make you feel badly about modifying or taking a break. Everyone is there to do the best they can, on the day they are there. I am not sure I will EVER be able to do the entire class without a modification!

As soon as HSM | Core opened, I started mixing those classes in and now I feel I have found the perfect “workout cocktail.” Or, maybe I should say the perfect combat for cocktails? For people who do not have a lot of time to spend working out, this is the answer. No excuses – especially between Core and HSM there is a class almost every hour of the day and if you can’t make the classes the videos (short and long) will get the job done as well! IT WORKS. And, if you need any extra motivation, just take a look at Clary, Liz and all of the HSM | Core trainers!

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