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In January I signed up for the Winter Wellness Challenge and thought – ok, 40 classes in 10 weeks and no sugar will be a big stretch, but I can do it! I have been attending classes at Hilliard Studio Method periodically for awhile but I have never taken 4 classes per week consistently. I also went to a talk given by Liz and I was inspired to read her book. As I listened to her, I thought, “She has captured ‘lightning in a bottle!’ She has created something powerful and shared it with the HSM family through her book and her Studio.” But it wasn’t until I put the two together – consistent attendance at HSM and taking on the ‘no sugar challenge’ – that I realized the difference it would make.

Not only has the scale moved backwards, but inches are coming off my body as well. I feel better than I have in years and when I walk into the Studio, I know I have Liz, Clary and Lee as resources for any of my questions. When I am at home and need any refreshers, Liz’s book is right there for me. The chapter on healthy eating and no sugar is one I can refer back to again and again. Also important is the community of women on the mats around me – it is incredible when you work to your individual edge together. The energy in the room is strong and up-lifting. HSM has shown me a lifestyle that has truly been a game changer for me. Thank you Liz!

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