Hilliard Studio Method


My love for HSM streaming began a little over a year ago. I was heading back to work as a special education teacher after taking a year-long maternity leave. I knew how tired and stressful life was going to be managing a full time job, two kids and wife duties. My husband had been pushing me to start an exercise program to help boost my energy levels, but I always found exercise to be boring. A girlfriend of mine kept mentioning how much she enjoyed the HSM classes, but I was never able to join her due to my work schedule. 

While browsing the HSM website, I noticed the free two-week trial for their online streaming program. I figured I had nothing to lose and started the free trial. I was hooked! I immediately felt the burn from day one. The workouts were quick, effective, and easy to follow. After the free trial, I was in it for the long haul. I started working out every morning bright and early before work each day. HSM streaming allows me the flexibility to work out for ten minutes or up to an hour from the comfort of my own home. I can focus on a specific part of my body or do a full body workout. It is my choice and the variety of workouts keeps me entertained, challenged and wanting more. 

I now have muscles I never knew existed! I push myself to the edge every time I stream a workout. It is satisfying and the perfect way to start my day. I am so thankful I found a workout program that I can do from my home, is affordable and creates real results. HSM video streaming has done amazing things for my body and health and I cannot wait to see the changes to come.

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