Hilliard Studio Method


After being in terrible pain for almost 3 years with sciatica down my left leg and up my back, I was finally diagnosed with a labral tear (a tear in the cartilage of my left hip joint) and had major surgery to repair it. Recovery was a little rough in terms of the pain and getting my strength back to where it was before my injury, and even two years post surgery, I was still feeling weak in my leg and hip joint. Weight machines at the gym were only doing so much and I still couldn’t run without some discomfort. I should also note that my doctor said I should be able to bounce back, as this is not an injury that leaves permanent damage once fixed. I was at least happy to be out of pain, though, so I ALMOST settled for where I was.

Then I remembered the HSM workout video I had gotten with a book purchase a few years earlier and decided to give it another go, and now after fully dedicating myself to HSM workouts (5-6 workouts per week) after signing up for the streaming service back in October (2017) I am amazed at how good I feel! I am completely pain-free and am almost back to my pre-injury strength! It really makes so much sense when you think about it. The weight machines just weren’t strengthening deep enough and weighted squats were just a little too intense for the still healing joint, but The Method really seems to strengthen on a deeper level than anything I’ve tried. Seriously life changing! Thank you SO much! 🙌😊

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