Hilliard Studio Method


The obvious reason for doing Hilliard during pregnancy was to try to keep my body in shape for 9+ months, but the unexpected benefit that made me love HSM even more was how it kept my mind healthy while I prepared for so much change with our first child on the way. And fitting back into my regular jeans again quickly made every squat well worth it! I was also super thankful for Hilliard while I was in the middle of contractions, because all of those plank holds taught me how to focus on each breath instead of on the pain. -Michelle Collins with Leighton, 6 weeks

Coming back to HSM post- pregnancy is scary and exciting all at once. It is definitely challenging in areas that weren’t my problem areas before but coming to class to hear encouraging words and motivation from Lee, Clary, and all the other trainers makes me leave class feeling like super mom! Melissa Long with Ben, 7 weeks

People thought I had lost my mind continuing to come to class right up until my due date but Hilliard is what kept me sane during pregnancy, especially that last brutal month. All of the trainers and other HSM’ers were so encouraging and helped me modify safely so that I still benefited from attending. I can’t wait to get back to class, and I know that plank and purple circles have brought my figure back fast. -Laura Bryant with Carter, 2 weeks

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