Hilliard Studio Method


I consider myself lucky to have found Hilliard Studio Method at a time in my life when my body would be going through the most drastic changes. Now nearing 40 weeks pregnant, HSM has provided me with a challenging but safe way to stay healthy throughout my pregnancy.

No matter my energy level, I am always able to exercise at a pace that works for my body that day. From early on in my pregnancy, each trainer has provided cues throughout class for modifications that make this a safe workout for my baby and for me. I feel no loss of intensity with these changes. Believe me, a few sets of knee push-ups with an extra 25 pounds to lift is no easy task! I often walk into class feeling heavy and sluggish, and leave feeling much lighter, both in body and in mind.

I would encourage any mother-to-be to add Hilliard Studio Method to their exercise routine!

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