Healthy Heart, Healthy Life

In celebration of February being American Heart Month, we’re giving you the highlights of how to maintain a healthy heart. Below you’ll find some great resources to guide your healthy heart journey, and we’d love to see how you’re using them. So during the month of February, snap a picture of how you’re being good to your heart, and tag us using #HSMhealthyheart.

There’ll be a surprise at the end of the month for the most creative social post we see, so get to tagging, and enjoy!

Heart-Healthy Foods

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply maintain, eating foods good for your heart can have many additional health benefits. Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have found¬†some of the best foods for overall heart health include:

  • Fish rich in omega-3s (try our one-dish salmon + veggie bake!)
  • Healthy nuts like almonds or walnuts
  • Berries
  • Flaxseed
  • Oatmeal, and, most importantly
  • Red wine

Red Wine + Cholesterol

The Cleveland Clinic researchers also shared the wonderful news that a 4-ounce glass of red wine (up to two for men, and one for women per day) can help improve good (HDL) cholesterol levels. We always knew that wine was a super food, but don’t take it from us, take it from the clinicians!

Cardiovascular Benefits of HSM

There’s more clinical research that shows exercise is great for your heart than there are stars in the sky. Our amazing, proprietary method is ever-changing, with a wide array of moves that not only get your heart pumping, but your mind gets a workout as well.

So keep up the hard work, HSM Family, whether you head to the studio for class or stream us from anywhere in the world, we’ve got your back, and your heart, too!

Book A Class

Hilliard Studio Method group classes are designed to be taken on a regular, best case daily, basis. Each class is different from the day before, utilizing a variety of powerful movements and workout tools. Classes available at our Myers Park location in Charlotte, NC.

Stream A Workout

Workout anywhere with Hilliard Studio Method! Our collection of streaming videos and DVDs range in difficulty from beginner to advanced with options from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Be Powerful with HSM and transform your body no matter where you are.

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