Hilliard Studio Method


I have known Liz and Clary for 20+ years now and these two have always been motivating and successful women. When Clary told me about Hilliard Studio Method, I knew they had something special. I went to their first class at the pop up Lululemon (what is lululemon?- they also introduced me to this as well!) store on central and was hooked. I then started going to the studio at Park Road multiple times a week. I followed them to their beautiful studio on Fenton, and now, I have followed them to my computer and work out with them at home, the lake, beach, and even in hotel rooms when I travel for work.

The streaming option is amazing and works so well for me. I have 2 boys and sometimes they are sick, have multiple games on a Saturday and I can’t get to the studio, or life just gets crazy and I can workout quickly from home and that is such a huge benefit for me. I tell everyone, I sweat just as much or even more at home! I love having the choice from picking from the 80+ classes, whether I want to do bands or gliders that day. I also love seeing my friends on the screen which motivates me to push myself harder and get the results I want even if Liz, Clary or Lee isn’t watching me to see if I really hold that plank for 90 seconds 😝

I credit HSM for making me stronger and giving me arms I am proud of. This will forever be one of my favorite workouts and a part of my life. Thank you ladies for the streaming option and keep the videos coming!

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